Preparing Your Home To Move In

There is nothing better than moving into a new house or a house that has been renovated.  As you walk into the home for the first time a sense of warmth and clean envelops your body.  When we look around the room, we can’t wait to get our hands onto the room so that we can make it our own.

The first step to this process is to do what is known as a punch list.  A punch list is where you will go through your home and take notes of things that were overlooked or need to be touched up.  Some of these things can be general cleaning, drywall repair the woodlands, sloppy paint jobs and more.  Depending on who did the work this list can be large or small.

Setup utilities

The next step is to setup your utilities.  This means getting power turned on, water turned on and even calling the cable company.  When these three basic essentials are activated then the house will be livable.  In many states you can’t move into a residence without power and running water.  And when it comes to cable and internet, it isn’t a house worth living in.


The next thing that you will want to consider is your landscaping.  You want to make sure that your yard is cut, flowers and bushes are planted and more.  When it comes to your landscaping, it is the final touches to your yard and will make your house stand out.

drywall repair the woodlands


Now that you have done the basics, it is time to move in the furniture.  When the furniture is moved in you can start to decorate the room, make each space its own and when it is time to sit back and relax, you have a place to do so comfortably.